version in VCS is newer than in repository, is it time to upload?

last updated:

vcswatch reports that this package seems to have a new changelog entry (version 5.2.1-2, distribution UNRELEASED) and new commits in its VCS. You should consider whether it's time to make an upload.

Here are the relevant commit messages:
commit f059ca903f955681f39ae79566fda8f91f4d7e54
Author: Ondřej Nový <>
Date:   Sat Jul 20 00:29:49 2019 +0200

    Use debhelper-compat instead of debian/compat

commit cb77d4c4118457cdc096b2e5a53ccea02c478cc9
Author: Carl Suster <>
Date:   Sat Apr 20 15:51:19 2019 +1000

    d/control: Remove myself from Uploaders

commit a212034706c7b0fceb1603ceca90c0e837899d9d
Author: Ondřej Nový <>
Date:   Mon May 14 08:04:23 2018 +0200

    d/control: Remove ancient X-Python3-Version field

commit c5b245209984e2096c804c3cc4146dea0d6eb989
Author: Ondřej Nový <>
Date:   Mon May 14 08:04:22 2018 +0200

    d/control: Remove ancient X-Python-Version field

commit 658cd2cee3a39bbe82063e1fa683f3e7940f83a2
Author: Ondřej Nový <>
Date:   Mon Mar 12 23:25:07 2018 +0100

    d/changelog: Remove trailing whitespaces

commit 64289c483e1ee4c3fe8225bf02d74b9aafbe290c
Author: Ondřej Nový <>
Date:   Thu Feb 15 08:59:01 2018 +0100

    d/copyright: Use https protocol in Format field

commit 5dc6b60fa3b5d77839cf9a20d0ebdc0c99391697
Author: Ondřej Nový <>
Date:   Tue Feb 13 10:16:46 2018 +0100

    d/control: Set Vcs-* to

The Vcs URL is using Please update it for the move to